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The term spiritual “warrior” is used in Shambhala Buddhism to describe a heroic being with a brave mind/heart and ethical impulse, who combats the universal enemy: self-ignorance (avidya), the ultimate source of suffering according to Buddhist philosophy.

The choice of this word is a reminder that we are going to be called into taking many battles in our lives.

But one of the hardest is definitely the one towards our own awakening.

What does it mean to be enlightened? To see clearly? To be freed from Ignorance? To be in tuned in with Spirit? To find our higher self? To be called into greatness? To serve ourselves and others from a place of pure Love?

I designed the “Path of the Warrior” based on my own work, my own journey, but also the immense wealth of wisdom I received from my teachers.

This is not a “one teaching fits all” but more an attempt to help you gain more clarity, understanding and closeness with your own gifts, your own wisdom, your own medicine.

The course will be based on the culmination of wisdom from many ancient traditions.

Not only Native shamanic work but also Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity mysticism, and the Kabbalah.

During our time together with the help of Spirit I trust that this program will bring you all the tools and means to pursue your own Path.

Let’s remember that we are all beginners and all masters.

That we have walked this path many times before. And that despite it’s “structured” content, this year long journey is just a catalyst for an inner & mystical process.

A real alchemical transformation that you will go through as you explore with honesty, authenticity, joy and hard work, your inner mystery.

I pray that the Great Spirit comes to us in many ways & forms during this time together.

With blessings and infinite gratitude,

Angell Deer

This 12 months curriculum is divided into 12 modules*
Each module is 2-3 hours of live video teachings.
They are complemented with practices, readings, ceremonies
and a full one-year of individual coaching & support.


The shamanic path is full of surprises, stop & go, challenges, pain & joy, and requires a commitment to learning, to openness and to surrender. We are not walking this alone but with our spirit guides, our allies, our ancestors and all the spirits who surround us in our lives.

I am not the teacher; I am the intermediary who, with the help of Spirit, will channel this content to you.


*The order of classes, content of each class, is/will be subject to variations

The path isn’t a straignt line; its a spiral.
You continually come back to things
you thought you understood
and see deeper truths


month one



month two



month three



month four



month five



month six



month seven



month eight



month nine



month ten



month eleven



month twelve


We do not “come into” this world, we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature: a unique action of the total universe.

Alan Watts


In addition to the content above, as part of the
“Path of the Warrior” Curriculum you will receive the following:

    1. Mead Healing Ritual Ceremony (One full month)
    2. During your curriculum you will be given a sacred mead bottle which you will use to kick off your journey. For one month, daily, you will setup your intent and connect to my land and It’s Spirit through the use of the sacred mead. Mead is the most ancient beverage made by man, and was used in sacred ceremony by Druids, Shamans, and ancient traditions all over the world. This will open a sacred connection with the teachings I will share.


    3. Access to the sanctuary space and land (for 1 full day/year for your own practice)

      The Sanctuary Space and land is accessible to you for 1 full day, at any time (when free), to come deepen your practice on the land. I found it was essential to use this for a deeper connection to Spirit, Nature and your own path.


    5. Full Year of Coaching & Support
    6. Aside from the monthly class you will have access to me at any time to answer your needs, questions and any issue coming up along the way. This will be in the form of email or calls.


    7. Reading Database
    8. Books can be an essential component of some part of your path. I will give you recommendations to the authors and books my teachers and I have carefully selected. I have actually a library of over 300 spiritual books that I am happy for you to access when visiting the Sanctuary.


    9. Music Database
    10. Music, Chanting are an essential component of a Spiritual path. You will have access to my library (playlist) of spiritual songs which will allow you to do your own practice, work, ceremonies.


    11. Preferred Pricing
    12. Finally this curriculum gives you access to preferred pricing and priority to the workshops, ceremonies and classes I host. I highly recommend during your year that you come to at least one ceremony, and believe that some workshops could really deepen your connection (like Reiki for example).

      20% Discount on any Ceremony hosted at The Sanctuary
      20% Discount on any Ceremony you would wish to have organize for you
      20% Discount on Reiki Certification (all levels)
      25% Discount on Classes & Workshops (excluding Reiki)


    13. Certificate of completion
    14. At the end of your one year you will receive, as part of our last ceremony (Month 12) a certificate of completion which will validate the work done & training received at the Sanctuary.


The Path of the Warrior program is a full year of teaching, live classes, and individual on-going coaching and shamanic training. You also have access to weekly meditations, additional videos of training, 1 full day at the Sanctuary, shamanic items (like mead bottle for your ceremony work), and a private online group connection with the other students all year long. Included in the program is a lifetime access to all the live video of the classes.

The exchange for the program is $3,850.

Bi-annually and Monthly payment plan available.
Inquire for specific costs.

The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness, not saving the planet. The planet does not need saving, we do.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

I am passionate about working with people who feel stuck and are struggling with an issue in their life & helping them to reconnect with their own medicine inside.

I am dedicated to empowerment & self-transformational work, guiding and supporting individuals to facilitate their own healing and rediscover their power.

After a career that scaled the heights of corporate success as a CEO of global companies, and an entrepreneur who raised over $50m for my own businesses, I reached a turning point in my life - material success and its trappings had not made metruly happy. Despite having achieved the top degree, the high-powered job & reaching what most would call the pinnacle of 'success', somehow the place that I had arrived to felt empty.

This led me on a quest to search far and wide for the meaning of life beyond the material demands of society today. A journey of deep self-exploration, meditation and healing.

During the last 10 years and in transformative journeys across Asia & South America, I have had rare opportunities to study and meditate with master healers and teachers of all faiths. Along with my own accumulated life experience, I am trained in Reiki, Medical Reiki™, Sufi Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation, Shamanism, and I am currently doing a certification in the Science and Art of Herbalism.

In 2015, I opened The Sanctuary Healing Center on my property in the Catskills where i do in depth work with clients, host workshops and cultivate the land for organic vegetable farming, plant medicine and honey bees. My focus is to work with CEOs, leaders, executives and individuals who seek personal healing, transformation and stepping in fully in their life purpose.

Angell Deer

Rebecca began her journey with Reiki and Energy Medicine 10 years ago when she became fed up with Western Medicine not being able to identify her "issues" that were clearly present in the physical sense.  Through her own health journey, Rebecca discovered the power of emotions being archived and how they manifest in the physical body.  This changed her life and she knew she had to learn how to share this with others and began to learn Reiki as the gateway to other healing modalities. Rebecca's personal work has led her to the red road where she began to study with Angell Deer, participating in the Path of the Warrior.  This experience only deepened her connection to spirit and need to be of service which has led to her work collaborating with the Sisters of the Land of the Dancing Deer, on Six Nations in Ontario, Canada.

Rebecca is passionate about holding space for others so that they may tap into their own healing journey and claim their authentic blue print. She believes deeply that we can all access the emotional roots and with shamanic and traditional ways and that self healing is available to everyone.

Rebecca has spent the last 15 years in the corporate sector working with C suite executives, and exclusive philanthropists.  She understands the issues that surrounds organizations today and the healing that is necessary if we are to begin to shift and create healthy corporate cultures and relationships with each other, then ultimately, we must begin with our selves.

Rebecca is a certified Breath work practitioner with Alchemy of Breath, a Reiki Master, energy medicine practitioner, Womb Rite Keeper and certified in general Shamanic medicine through the Path of the Warrior. Rebecca works with private clients on their personal journeys with all modalities and spiritual coaching.

Hannah Nedas sees our voice as one of our greatest gifts, seeing it beyond a means of communication but as a powerful tool for healing and transformation for mind, body and spirit. 

Hannah begun singing at an early age and today uses her voice to open people's hearts in workshops and healing spaces.

Hannah is devoted to supporting people explore the gift of their own voice as a vehicle for empowerment, healing and transformation combined with breathwork.

Hannah hosts breathwork and sound healing workshops with Grounded in the UK where she lives and is currently training in breathwork with Alchemy of Breath. Hannah holds a loving and tender space for healing and assists individual's to connect to their heart's song. She has participated in The Path of the Warrior training with Angell Deer as well as having worked together with him on healing retreats and workshops.

She is also a reflexologist and is passionate about helping people come back to a state of enhanced well-being, health and balance in today's busy environments.

Just being the seeker, somebody who’s open to spiritual enlightenment, is in itself the important thing and it's the reward for being a seeker in this world.

Walter Isaacson

Want to learn more

Does this training require any pre-requisite training?

No. The path of the warrior was designed for both beginner with little to no experience on spiritual shamanic practices and people with already some experience in spirituality or shamanic practices.


Can I attend the training from anywhere in the world?

Yes. The training was designed so it can be attended from anywhere. All the classes are LIVE videos classes and are also recorded to be able to review them anytime.


What if there is a time when I can’t attend a class?

It’s all ok. Even if we recommend you attend all the classes we understand you can have a conflict of schedule. You are always able to see a class after it’s recorded and have 24/7 full access to all class the whole year.


Does the training conflict with any other religious or spiritual path/training?

No. The training is fully rooted in shamanic practices which are non religious and do not conflict with any religious practices. All the practices and tools are connected to shamanic tradition from all over the world (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, etc).


What if I decide to leave the training at some point during the year?

Once you commit to the training you will be responsible for paying the full fee for the training, including all unpaid installments even if you decide to abandon the program half way through or are absent for one of the modules. We are required to implement this policy, as we are not able to replace you once the course has begun and we need to ensure the course remains financially viable. In the case you decide to leave you will still keep full access to all the classes you have attended / recordings and materials.


Do I get a certificate at the end of the training?

Yes. This training allows you to be certified. The certificate is delivered at the end of the year after the review of your work and the completion of all classes (live or recorded).


Who teach the class and is there a support system for my work?

The class is taught by Angell Deer (Guillaume Gauthereau) and a range of additional teachers / healers who comes as guests during certain classes. The power of the class is also the constant interaction and support of the other students in the class. We have an online tool (phone / computer) to connect to each other and support our work and practices on a daily basis if needed.


I am very busy with life and work...I am afraid this could be too much time for me?

The class is designed to work with very busy people too! The commitment is really to attend the 2 hours monthly live class to get the most of the course. All the other elements of the training are optional and can be taken when you have time / at your own rhythm.


Is there a payment plan for the training?

Yes you can decide to pay either the full year, or in two payments or in 12 payments.

The curriculum access is based upon the completion of a questionnaire and an interview. This curriculum is not “for everyone” in the sense that I want to make sure you are not only ready to commit to the practice needed but also that you are serious about your path as a healer / channeler / spiritual warrior / shaman / medicine man / woman etc. Given the small amount of students I can accept every year I want to make sure this is also restricted to people whose ultimate goals are to go help others. I also reserve the right to stop & cancel teaching an individual at any time if my Guides tell me that someone is not anymore right for the curriculum


“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Angell Deer and The Path of the Warrior curriculum. I had a calling to expand my shamanic knowledge and practice when I came across information on the Sanctuary and Angell. Angell Deer and I spoke about the curriculum content and his intentions with the program, as well as his vast knowledge and experiences. It is hard to believe that this was over a year ago and the program is almost complete. The experience has been amazing resulting in so much personal growth, healing and allowed me to expand my personal healing practice. The highlight for me has been the bonds made with our circle of brothers and sisters. Each of us has grown our specific gifts, wisdom and medicine throughout this amazing experience. Regardless of where you are on your personal path, I highly recommend that you speak to Angell about his Path of the Warrior curriculum. It has been an amazing experience and I so grateful for the beautiful experience.”
- Kyle M., NYC


“An incredible journey of self discovery and enrichment.  The Path of the Warrior course has blessed me with shamanic knowledge, tools, and an amazing support group of newly found brothers and sisters who share my journey. I highly recommend this opportunity for personal growth and connection to a greater level of consciousness.”
- Jodi. M., Dallas, TX


“Angell Deer is an extremely gifted intuitive healer and teacher. Angell's approach to his work is from a deep source of love, holding a gentle yet strong, compassionate and loving space. Throughout my healing journey with him I have been so wholly supported, I feel so incredibly blessed for his friendship and all he has taught me along the way. His commitment and dedication to helping others through his work and this path is unwavering.

The Path of the Warrior training is a journey that helps you to open to parts of yourself you had long forgotten or are yet to meet. Angells's depth of knowledge around a variety of different healing modalities along with his vast and diverse life experience makes him incredibly well equipped to be able to support any individual on their healing path. It is a journey of empowerment, giving you the tools to dive back into your heart, plugging directly into Source. Thank you Angell for all you have shared with me. I am forever grateful to you. xx”
- Hannah N., London, UK


“The Path of the Warrior has been an incredible journey, overflowing with soul searching, life changing adventures. By putting in the time of the heart, finding the wounds and sores that we didn’t realize were still open, healing them has been the greatest gift beyond comprehension. This program is an amazing beginning to those who are curious, who want to grow, and are willing to be broken down to be built back up. Strength, courage, and friendship are only but small words compared to the love and family I have gained from this years work. Looking to the future, this adventure is just the beginning and I cannot wait to see what else unfolds in the fabrics of life.”
- Erik L., Brooklyn, NY

The curriculum access is based upon the completion of a questionnaire and an interview. This curriculum is not “for everyone” in the sense that I want to make sure you are not only ready to commit to the practice needed but also that you are serious about your path as a healer / channeler / spiritual warrior / shaman / medicine man / woman etc. Given the small amount of students I can accept every year I want to make sure this is also restricted to people whose ultimate goals are to go help others. I also reserve the right to stop & cancel teaching an individual at any time if my Guides tell me that someone is not anymore right for the curriculum

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The Path of the Warrior

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